ST1 (lambda/4 - ZX)


Order number: A06207

connectors N 50 ohm, lambda/4 wave lenght shortcut

  • lightning current arrester uses lambda/4 wave lenght shortcut
  • installation at the boundary of LPZ 0 and LPZ 1 zones (or higher) at the line entry into building
  • for protection of coaxial radio lines and telecommunication devices against impact of direct or indirect lightning strike
  • it works like band-pass (filter) for a relatively narrow frequency spectrum around the base frequency, outside of this spectrum it works like a short circuit (not suitable for combination with power supply)

Technical parameters

Parameter name Parameter value
Type of SPD D1,C2
Location of SPD ST 1+2+3
Impedance Z 50 Ω
Insertion loss 0.20 dB
VSWR typ. (max.) VSWR 1,2
D1 impulse discharge current (10/350 µs) core-PE Iimp 5.00 kA
C2 nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) core-PE In 20.00 kA
Dynamic spark-over voltage at 1kV/µs Udyn 0.25 V
Connection (input - output) N 50
Degree of protection IP 20
Range of ambient temperatures (min/max) -40 / 80 °C
According to standard EN 61643-21+A1,A2:2013, IEC 61643-21+A1,A2:2012
ETIM Class EC001466
Customs tariff number 85363030
EAN 8595090562078

Files for download

  • Product dimensions

  • Basic circuit diagram