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Surge protective devices for systems of control, measurements and regulations

I&C systems control and manage processes where, in the event of a failure, the lives of service personnel and residents of surrounding buildings may be at risk. The material damage can amount to tens of millions of crowns. This does not only concern large plants, but virtually all facilities with continuous operation. In addition to the direct production damage, there is also consequential damage from the non-fulfilment of supplier contracts, the payment of contractual penalties and even the loss of customers and markets. One of the most common causes of failure is the disruptive influence of pulse-like overvoltages induced in measuring and power circuits. Surges are not only a danger for outdoor lines. In fact, pulses of several tens of volts induced from parallel-led power cables are sufficient to cause disturbances in measuring and power circuits. Our surge protection devices for I&C technology offer the ideal protective solution.

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