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Catalogue and Company Profile

  • Catalogue 2023 - 2024

    Catalogue 2023 - 2024

    The main catalogue of Surge Protective Devices SALTEK® for LV power systems, photovoltaic systems and data, signal and telecommunication networks. Edition 4/2023, 228 pages.

  • Company Profile

    Company Profile

    Who is SALTEK® and its offer. Edition 2/2020.

  • Voltage Limiting Devices

    Voltage Limiting Devices

    Protective devices, whose function is to prevent existence of an impermissible high touch voltage and to limit overvoltage in AC and also DC electric railway systems. Edition 10/2023, 16 pages.

Practical Guides

  • Photovoltaic systems

    Photovoltaic systems

    Quick review of SALTEK® photovoltaic system solution. Edition 10/2023, 12 pages.

  • Surge protection of LV power systems

    Surge protection of LV power systems

    The manual contains complete information on how to properly design and install surge protection in LV 230/400 V networks. Edition 09/2023, 44 pages.

  • Inspection


    Information on access to SALTEK® surge protective devices in 230/400 V networks. Edition 01/2022, 16 pages.

  • Signal and Data lines

    Signal and Data lines

    Surge Protection of low current systems. Edition 11/2022, 56 pages.

  • Commercial receiving systems

    Commercial receiving systems

    Handbook contains complete information about principles of surge protection on antenna systems. Edition 01/2022, 12 pages.


  • Electromobility


    How to protect charging stations against overvoltage? Edition 9/2022, 4 pages.

  • Electronic Fire Security Systems

    Electronic Fire Security Systems

    How to protect security systems against overvoltage? Edition 09/2022, 4 pages.

  • Telecommunications


    How to protect TELCO and radio systems against overvoltage? Edition 08/2022, 8 pages.

  • Ethernet


    Protection of IP devices against overvoltage. Edition 07/2022, 8 pages.

  • CCTV and IPTV cameras

    CCTV and IPTV cameras

    How to protect camera systems in office and commercial buildings against overvoltage? Edition 07/2022 4 pages.

  • LED street lighting systems

    LED street lighting systems

    How to protect LED lighting system or LED lighting in halls against overvoltage? Edition 7/2022, 10 pages.

  • Railway stations and railways

    Railway stations and railways

    How to protect railway systems Trains - metro - trams against overvoltage? Edition 11/2021, 12 pages.

  • Electrical energy storage

    Electrical energy storage

    How to protect important components of the electrical energy storage against overvoltage? Edition 02/2020, 4 pages.

  • Wind power plant

    Wind power plant

    How to protect wind power plant against overvoltage? Edition 02/2020, 4 pages.

  • Emergency lights/Evacuation routes

    Emergency lights/Evacuation routes

    How to protect emergency lights for emergency escape against overvoltage? Edition 2/2018, 2 pages.

  • Pipelines and catodic protection stations

    Pipelines and catodic protection stations

    How to protect pipelines and catodic protection stations against lightning and overvoltage effects. Edition 12/2017, 8 pages.


  • DC railways applications

    DC railways applications

    SALTEK® document that informs about reasons and effects of stray currents in electric railways, and about usage of SALTEK® voltage limiting devices. Edition 05/2021, 11 pages.