By its very nature the sector of pipelines (crude oil pipelines, gas pipelines, water pipes) requires high reliability level to be achieved. A failure may on the one hand result in considerable financial losses, and pose serious safety issues on the other hand. Particular care should be paid to the prevention of corrosion and degradation of the materials used. One of the options is the protection of pipelines by generated DC voltage which prevents the corrosion process. Such a system, however, is highly expensive and, as such, it should be protected against the effects of overvoltages caused by atmospheric phenomena or the equipment technology, or against induced voltages caused by parallel run of MV and HV power lines.
  •  Protection of cathodic corrosion power pack  
    • the power supply units of the cathodic corrosion protection are key elements of the system. Protection against overvoltages is ensured by SALTEK® SPDs of the FLP, SLP and DMS type series.
  • Pipeline protection
    • In order to provide for correct functioning of the cathodic corrosion protection it is necessary to protect also the pipelines against the effects of induced AC voltages. The CP-40 AC short-circuiting element minimizes the adverse effects of such voltages.
    • Effects of a direct lightning strike into the protected pipeline can be eliminated by using the ISG or ISG... Ex isolating spark gap from SALTEK®, the latter with ATEX certificate (for use in explosion-endangered areas). The isolating spark gap provides for potential equalization between the respective pipeline sections and, in this way, prevents the occurrence of dangerous voltages.