Along with the rapid development of renewable resources of electric power and further expansion of smart grids the requirements on an efficient accumulation of electric energy and the various scales of energy-storage systems are being increasingly discussed. In order to ensure smooth operation and protection of these high-level investment units the energy storage systems need to be protected against overvoltages.
  • Protection of supply mains
    • As a rule, the energy storage system obtains its power from a renewable source or from the mains. Through these channels the overvoltages can be dragged into the energy storage components. Problems related to overvoltages in the power supply mains are reliably minimized using SALTEK® lightning stroke current arresters and SPDs of the FLP and SLP series.
  • Protection of data lines
    • During power charging/discharging a communication needs to be established between the respective parts of the energy storage system. The transferred information and data must not be impaired by overvoltages. Potential problems related to overvoltages can be minimized using the SALTEK® SPDs of DL and DM type series, depending on the communication technology used.