Selection of protection for data, signal and telecommunication networks

The application for the selection of types of overvoltage protections SALTEK ® for data, signaling and telecommunications networks allows us to find specific suitable products (or a product) for a given area of use. How to do it?
  • In the first step, the area of use / application has to be selected (e.g., antenna systems, data, Ethernet ...).
  • In the next steps, further options for more precise selection are opening (e.g., an interface, the number of cores, voltages, etc.).
  • When the selection has been finished, the "Select” button has to be pressed to display the overview of usable products from the online catalog together with technical parameters, assembly instructions, the product data sheet, etc.
  • For a new selection, selection options have to be changed, and the "Select" button has to be pressed again.

Select any filter and click on Apply to see results.