Release: 06.05.2022

Our complete portfolio of surge protection devices can now be found in the new SALTEK 2022 catalogue. 220 pages contain information on more than 300 products, including new products that will be gradually introduced to the market from 1 May 2022. The SALTEK surge protection catalogue can be downloaded here: SALTEK Catalogue 2022, or you can also have a printed version of the catalogue at hand...

Release: 12.11.2021
SALTEK has been certified by the German certification company VDE in the TDAP program to level 2 with the validity for the "Protection" area. The above refers to the testing of surge protective devices within the scope of IEC 61643-11:2011 standard. We are the only laboratory with this level of VDE certification in the Czech Republic!  This certification allows us to perform a whole series of...
Release: 20.10.2021
Increasingly, we are encountering Ethernet applications where it is necessary to protect multiple cooperating devices at one location against overvoltage – so-called multichannel applications. Examples include wind farms, multi-camera security systems, parking lots with many electric vehicle charging stations, information technology systems at airports or train stations, etc. The implementation...
Release: 24.08.2021

The expansion of the SALTEK production area from the beginning to the completion of the construction.  And you can see HERE, how we managed to do it at all.

Release: 18.06.2021
Newly developed two-stage protection of coaxial interfaces SX-090-B50 F/F with emphasis on excellent high-frequency characteristics and the lowest possible voltage protection level. Designed to protect sensitive inputs of professional receivers (GPS, SAT, monitoring receivers, communication receivers,…). More information see online catalog. 
Release: 29.04.2021
The catalogue of SALTEK surge protectors for 2021 is now available to all customers. Even in the age of e-paper and online information, printed catalogues are welcomed by a large group of customers and we are catering to them. On 212 pages you will find information on more than 300 products, including new products, which we will gradually introduce on our website and they will be gradually made...


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