Industrial applications usually comprise highly sophisticated systems that are prone to abnormalities resulting from overvoltage in the supply networks and signal lines. Such abnormalities can result in technology failures followed by reduced production capacity and consequent financial losses, which in some cases can be very high. To minimise any consequences and secure reliable operation of various technologies throughout their service life, customers can select from the wide portfolio of surge protection devices made by SALTEK®.

  • Protection of supply networks up to 1000 V
    • SALTEK® components protect your technology in the supply network against lightning current and overvoltage effects, thus considerably increasing the service life and trouble-free operation of the device concerned.
  • Protection of safety and communication lines
    • Communication between technologies ensures trouble-free operation of the whole technological system. Such communication used low voltage, so even the smallest overvoltage is a considerable problem for them. SALTEK® components minimise such problems and considerably increase the reliability of technological systems.

Options for different projects:

  • Protection of the 230/400 V supply network against overvoltage
  • Protection of a supply network up to 1000 V against overvoltage
  • Protection of access systems, ESS, EPS against overvoltage
  • Protection of signal and communication lines against overvoltage