Data centres and server rooms have become an indispensable part of our current life. Data and information essential for the business and operation of companies, social networks and other entities are collected and saved here. Any fault can lead to huge technical problems as well as commercial and financial losses.

  • Protection against overvoltage in the supply network
    • It is of great importance for the trouble-free operation of data centres and server rooms to protect technology against overvoltage from the 230/400 V supply network because it might damage them or result in technology failures. To minimise such problems, SALTEK® offers a comprehensive series of lightning current arresters and surge protection devices.
  • Protection against overvoltage on signal and data lines
  • Metallic signal and data lines are very sensitive to induced overvoltage, which can destroy signal or data inputs in technology, followed by material loss (technology repair) as well as indirect financial losses resulting from errors in the technology, i.e. loss of data. SALTEK® has a wide range of surge protection devices for different data and signal lines.