About company

About us

About company

We are a leading Czech company specialising in the development and production of surge protective devices. We offer either a complete range of Type 1 to 3 Surge protective devices for low-voltage power systems according to EN 61643-11 or surge protective devices for informatics, measurement & control and telecommunications.

SALTEK® products provide protection against atmospheric and technological overvoltage and ensure safe and trouble-free operation of technological equipment, machinery and electrical appliances in industry, transport, telecommunications, data centres, office buildings as well as households.

  • 28 years successful history
  • 200 great people
  • 600 types of products
  • 6000 m2 in a modern campus

What we hold on to

Our vision

Our vision

    We are and want to continue to be experts for overvoltages. We want to continuously improve our position, our know-how, our quality and expertise for the benefit of our customers.


    We look for the best possible solutions, we innovate and modernise. We digitise and automate to meet the high quality of our products, and we continue to invest in equipment and people.


    We attract and develop talented people, we pass on our values and support them in their development, we listen to their ideas and let them take responsibility. We create a relaxed and inspiring working environment.


    Innovations are essential - they improve the lives of our customers, improve the life in our company, generate profit and allow us to create new innovations. But innovation is all about people.

What we appreciate

Our values


    We protect people's property and lives. That is why quality is important to us in all areas. We uphold standards, plans and agreements – and when they are at risk, we say so loudly and immediately.


    We create and grow together. We try untrodden paths and work on ourselves. We can extract value from good ideas and thus win over the competition.


    We are humans, not machines. We develop relationships to work as a team. We appreciate a job well done. When something doesn't work for us, we ask for support and look for a solution together.


    Each of us is responsible for the common results. The way we make it, the way we have it. We actively seek opportunities and do not shy away from solving problems. No one else will do it for us.

How we live

Team life

Here at SALTEK, we live actively and there is never a dull moment with us. We are building a great team ourselves. We don't want to be united only by work, but also by shared experiences. Over time, we have built several traditional events that we organize every year. And because we enjoy joint events, we have created our own WE for US program, through which we enjoy a variety of cultural, social and sports events devised by our colleagues for other employees.

Our history

Story of our company

Our history

Our history

SALTEK® can now look back on 25 years of a successful history of development, expertise, manufacture and sales of surge protective devices into the whole world. From the first BFG at the start to more than 600 types of SPDs for use in various application areas of everyday life. From one single employee to a team of nearly 200 outstanding experts. From a production area of only a few square meters to a modern facility of 6000 m2. And we are fully dedicated to transforming the successful history into excellent future opportunities. Our priority is to develop actively the expertise and business at the area of surge protection devices, based on defined long-term objectives, with the involvement of our whole team.

  • 1995

    We enter the world of surge protection. Mr. Jaromír Suchý is founding the company SALTEK s.r.o. The new SPD with the name BFG is created at SALTEK.

  • 1997

    We start a long-term production and development cooperation with ABB. Result: type 3 SPDs integrated into sockets and made in various design series.

  • 1999

    A new generation of SPDs type 2 is brought onto the market – the SLP series with removable modules.

  • 2004

    The product series FLP MAXI is presented to the world! A brand-new technology combining varistors and surge protectors into a new SPD of 1+2 type.

  • 2006

    Start of a cooperation in the production and development with Schneider Electric. Result: SPD type 1+2.

  • 2007

    We establish the company SALTEK Slovakia s.r.o. with the aim to promote SPDs´ sales in Slovakia.

  • 2008

    Innovation of the successful FLP MAXI series of SPDs type 1+2 in form of a new generation of products with removable modules, bringing these to the markets in Europe, Asia and Africa.

  • 2011

    Installation of a robotic controlled final inspection stage of SPDs for the purpose of ensuring 100% quality.

  • 2014

    Obtaining the Red Dot Design prize for the design concept of our comprehensive series of surge arresters and SPDs.

  • 2015

    We are about to start selling a completely new generation of SPDs with removable modules intended for signal lines.

  • 2018

    We extend our product range with a new and perspective group of products – the voltage limiters for electrical railway systems.

  • 2020

    We erect a new production and warehouse facility for the purpose of making the production and logistic processes more efficient and improving the working environment.