Public lighting systems are often extended and their cable lengths may attain the lengths of hundreds of meters. This increases the risk of ingress of induced overvoltages caused by lightning or disturbances, or switching effects in power distribution or power transmission mains. At the same time the public lighting luminaries are mounted on high poles, a fact which clearly increases the probability of direct lightning strike. Present day modern lighting systems are equipped with LED power sources, which provide for savings in the operation, however, which are highly sensitive to overvoltages due to the use of control electronics. This is why it is essential to protect the lighting systems from overvoltages by the installation of various types of surge protection devices and surge diverters.
  • Protection of the power mains
    • Power supply to the public lighting systems needs to be protected against the effects of overvoltages caused by switching or atmospheric effects. The issues linked with overvoltages in distribution mains are reliably minimized by SALTEK® high-performance surge protection devices of FLP or SLP type.
  • Protection of the light source electronics
    • A defect-free operation of LED power supplies requires to have the induced overvoltages using an SPD plugged-in directly upstream the power supply unit. Protection in such applications is provided by DA-230-LED or SP T2+T3-320/Y-CLT-LED products, which depends on the parameters of the power supply and the application area.  
  • Protection of control and inspection circuits
    • Modern luminaries are remote controlled via various communication equipment (RS-485, Ethernet, GSM, Wi-Fi). Protection for those applications is provided e.g. by SPDs of BDM or DL types, depending on the communication method used.