Electromobility is a hot topic of present times and of the future. Its further development depends on the timely construction of an appropriate network charging stations which have to be safe and error-free in operation. This can be achieved by using SALTEK® SPDs installed in both the power supply and inspection lines where they protect the electronic components of the charging stations.
  • Protection of the power supply mains
    • Overvoltages can be dragged-in into the charging station technology in a number of ways via the power supply line. Problems due to overvoltages arriving through the distribution network can reliably be minimized by using SALTEK® high-performance lightning stroke current arresters and SPDs of the FLP series.
  • Protection of measuring and control systems
    • If we want to operate the above systems properly, we have to prevent the possibility of modification or deletion of data contained in the control or data circuits. The above mentioned data corruption may be caused by overvoltages. SALTEK® recommends using the DA-275-DF16-S surge protection device with HF interference suppressor filter to protect the control unit. Measuring circuits are reliably protected with SALTEK® SPDs of DM, DMG, DL and other type series, intended for use in signal and data/Ethernet lines.