In rail transport attention is generally to be paid to the safety and operational non-interference, and unconditional protection of persons, in particular. Due to the above reasons the devices used in rail transport have to feature high level of reliability corresponding to the necessities of safe operation. The probability of occurrence of a failure due to unexpectedly high voltages is minimized by the use of lightning stroke current arresters and surge protection devices made by SALTEK®.
  • Protection of the 230/400 V AC power supply mains
    • In order to ensure defect-free operation of rail transport systems it is recommended to install all three stages of SPDs into the power supply line. The first protection stage consists of the FLP series surge protection device, the second stage is formed by the SLP SPD, and the third stage installed as close as possible to the protected equipment is represented by the DA series with HF interference suppressor filter.
  • Communication equipment and control circuits
    • The communication channels are protected with SPDs of BDG, DL or HX type series, depending on the communication technology used. Protection of control circuitry and data networks can be based on the BDM lightning stroke current arresters.
  • Limitation of risk by minimizing the probability of occurrence of dangerous touch voltages
    • The occurrence of dangerous touch voltages at locations, where people´s health could be endangered, is prevented by the use of voltage limiters (VLD) of the BVL and SCG type series, in combination with SPDs. All the above devices can be used in both the DC and AC power supply networks.