With RFi filter


Order number: A05722

visual and remote fault signalling

  • surge protection with integrated RFI filter
  • installation to LV installations, close to protected equipment
  • for protection of power lines of I&C, electronic security and fire detection systems, etc. against impact of surge voltage and RF disturbance

Technical parameters

Parameter name Parameter value
Type of SPD T3
Mounting DIN rail 35 mm
Nominal voltage Un 230 V AC
Maximum operating voltage Uc 275.00 V AC
Nominal load current IL 16.000 A
Type of network TN
Maximum overcurrent protection 16 A gL/gG or C 16 A
Short-circuit current rating ISCCR 6.0 kA
Filter attenuation at 1MHz (50 Ω//50 Ω/) unsymmetrical 30 dB
Nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) L-N In 3.00 kA
Nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) L+N-PE In 5.00 kA
Nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) N-PE In 3.00 kA
Test voltage L-N Uoc 6.0 kV
Test voltage L+N-PE Uoc 10.0 kV
Test voltage N-PE Uoc 6.0 kV
Voltage protection level mode L-N Up 1.20 kV
Voltage protection level mode L-PE Up 1.50 kV
Voltage protection level mode N-PE Up 1.50 kV
Response time L-N ta 25 ns
Response time N-PE ta 100 ns
TOV 5 s L-N 335 V
TOV 5 s L-PE 440 V
TOV characteristic (TOV 5 s) withstand
TOV 120 min L-N 440 V
TOV 120 min L-PE 335 V
TOV characteristic (120 min) withstand
TOV 200 ms L-PE 1 200 V
TOV 200 ms N-PE 1 455 V
TOV characteristic (TOV 200 ms) safe failure
Cross-section of connected conductors solid (max) 6.00 mm2
Cross-section of connected conductors stranded (max) 6.00 mm2
Cross-section of remote indication conductors solid (max) 1.5 mm2
Cross-section of remote indication conductors stranded (max) 1.5 mm2
Fault indication red indication field
Remote indication potential-free change-over contact
Remote indication contacts 250V/0,5A AC,250V/0,1A DC
Degree of protection IP 20
Range of ambient temperatures (min/max) -40 / 80 °C
According to standard EN 61643-11:2012, IEC 61643-11:2011
ETIM Class EC000942
Customs tariff number 85363010
EAN 8595090557227

Files for download

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  • Basic circuit diagram