VLD class 2.2 (BVL)


Order number: A06711

voltage limiting device, VLD of class 2.2, type VLD-O+F, limiting of occurrence non-permissible touch voltages, equalizing of the earth potential and limiting of overvoltage of a railway system AC and DC, surge protective device SPD of type 1+2

  • limits non-permissible high touch voltages on non-live metal parts of a railway equipment in AC and DC railway system
  • establishes temporary connection between the return circuit and the earth of the railway electric traction system, during the permissible value of voltage is exceeded
  • equalizes the earth potential between the return circuit and the earth surrounding an electric and an electronics equipment and prevents their damage
  • limits touch voltage and protects persons that might enter into contact with the parts affected
  • eliminates high impulse overvoltages induced into the railway electric traction system or the railway equipment by a lightning strike

Technical parameters

Parameter name Parameter value
Class VLD according to EN 50526-2 2.2
Type VLD according to EN 50122-1 VLD-O+F
Rated AC (rms) current (@ 60 min) Ir 50 A
Rated DC current (@ 60min) Ir 50 A
Leakage current at Uw IL < 70 μA
Non-triggering voltage Uw 48.00 V
Maximal short time DC withstand current (@ 30 ms) Iw 16.0 kA
Maximal short time DC withstand current (@ 100 ms) Iw 9.0 kA
Short time AC (rms) withstand current (@ 36 ms) Iw 15.0 kA
High charge impulse (10/350) Iimp-hc 35.00 kA
Lightning current impulse (8/20) Iimp-n 50.00 kA
High current impulse (8/20) Iimp-high 75.00 kA
Nominal triggering voltage UTn 60.00 V
Maximal residual voltage at Iimp-n URES 700.00 V
Maximal residual voltage at Ir URES 1.20 V
Maximal residual voltage at Iw URES 5.00 V
Instantaneous triggering voltage UTi 60.00 V
Response time @ lightning current 25 ns
Response time of thyristors TR < 1,5 ms
Degree of protection IP 67
Range of ambient temperatures (min/max) -40 / 70 °C
According to standard EN 50122-1, EN 50526-2
Weight 2.10 kg
ETIM Class EC003621
Customs tariff number 85301000
EAN 8595090567110

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