VLD class 1 (SCG)


Order number: A06155

VLD class 1, type VLD-F

  • the VLD is used to restrict excessive high contact voltages arising on exposed conductive parts of a railway equipment in case of a disturbance (short-circuit) in AC and DC railway electric traction systems, thus ensuring protection to persons that may come into contact with the parts mentioned
  • in the event of a failure connection between a live power supply part of the traction system and an exposed conductive part (e.g. due to the overhead power line fall) the VLD protects the parts affected by causing conductive itself, which results in turning off of the power supply
  • the SCG is connected between the protected part and the return circuit
  • in case of an overload caused by caused by short-circuit or long-term withstand current the internal patented (PV CZ2017248) short-circuiting device intervenes by establishing a permanent short circuit across the protective element
  • the integrated protective element effectively eliminates high impulse overvoltage induced into the traction mains or railway equipment by a lightning strike
  • easy mounting, installation right away on the protected equipment

Technical parameters

Parameter name Parameter value
Class VLD according to EN 50526-2 1
Type VLD according to EN 50122-1 F
Short-circuit current (@ 300 ms) ISCC 5.0 kA
Leakage current at Uw IL < 1 μA
Non-triggering voltage Uw 260.00 V
High charge impulse (10/350) Iimp-hc 50.00 kA
Lightning current impulse (8/20) Iimp-n 100.00 kA
High current impulse (8/20) Iimp-high 100.00 kA
Nominal triggering DC voltage* UTn 480 V
Maximal residual voltage at Ir URES 35.00 V
Maximal residual voltage at Iw URES 100.00 V
Instantaneous triggering voltage* UTi 480.00 V
Short time withstand current (@ 60 ms) Iw 1.0 kA
Response time ta 10 000 ns
Degree of protection IP 67
Range of ambient temperatures (min/max) -40 / 70 °C
According to standard EN 50122-1, EN 50526-2
Weight 0.84 kg
ETIM Class EC002496
Customs tariff number 85363030
EAN 8595090561552
*in ionized mode

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