Solutions for photovoltaic systems

Photovoltaic systems are installed in highly exposed locations where the technologies have to resist weather effects during their service life. SALTEK® components offer the best possible protection against transient effects to secure reliable operation over the whole service life of the technology.

  • Surge protection device on the DC side
    • SALTEK® components of the FLP-PV….  and SLP-PV… series are specially designed to protect your devices on the DC side from damage and failures resulting from induced overvoltage or lightning strikes.
  • Surge protection device on the AC side
    • Highly efficient protection devices of the FLP or SLP series protect sensitive current inverters on the AC side. Their task is to protect the AC output of a sensitive inverter against the effects of a lightning strike or overvoltage coming from the AC 230/400V network.
  • Protection of the distribution network
    • Photovoltaic systems connected to the 230/400V AC distribution network should be protected against atmospheric effects (lightning) induced in the distribution network as well as against overvoltage that occurs in the distribution network caused by various technology supplied from this network, even remote technology. The highly efficient protection devices of the SALTEK® FLP, SLP and DA series reliably minimise problems with overvoltage in the 230/400V distribution network.
  • Protection of control and check circuits
    • Control and check circuits are very sensitive to even small overvoltage, which makes their protection so important in order to keep technology functional. A number of protection devices of the DM, BDM, DL, etc., series are used for their protection.

Options for different projects:

  • Overvoltage protection device on the DC side
  • Overvoltage protection device on the DC side
  • Power plant PV protection systems
  • PV technology protection systems for family houses
  • PV technology protection systems for industrial plants
  • Protection systems for island PV technology

Further information you may find in our application manuals