Water heating using solar energy is currently a hot topic in the Czech Republic, mainly due to the possibility of receiving state subsidies, which is why many companies are coming to the market with their solution in the form of micro PV systems. SALTEK reacts to this situation and launches an optimized solution for their protection.

FLP-PV275 V/U with order number A07407 completes our SPD range for T1+T2 class PV. The FLP-PV275 V/U is used in micro PV systems, consisting for example of a PV panel with an output voltage of 230 V DC, a micro DC/DC converter (or DC/AC) and a heating element with a water tank ("boiler"). The FLP-PV275 V/U ensures the protection of the microinverter on its DC side and thanks to its dimensions (width 2 modules) and parameters, especially the protection class SPD T1+T2 together with a maximum operating voltage of 280 V and a voltage protection level of 1.3/2.5 kV, meets all requirements for micro PV systems of this and similar types according to applicable standards.