In field instrumentation systems (e.g., water-level measurement), the connection cable of the sensor or converter sometimes feature both supply and signal conductors. Our new DMP surge protection devices are specified for such solutions, as they comprise a protective device of the supply and signal part in the device with a width of one module. Customers can enjoy the advantage of reduced space and simplified assembly without the need to connect one conductor to more terminals. The effectiveness of the overvoltage protection of the equipment is increased by the common earthing of both parts.

The DMP series offers two basic types for two different uses. The first one is a type for three-conductor connections, containing one common conductor for the supply and signals, one core for the signal part and one core for the supply, and is available for a max. voltage of 12 V as DMP-012-V/1-JR1 and for a voltage of 24 V as DMP-024-V/1-JR1. This applies to situations where the voltage is earthed. For floating voltages, the DMP-012-V/1-JFR1 and DMP-024-V/1-JFR1 types are suitable. The floating voltage is marked as the letter "F" in the name of the SPD. The second type is suitable for circuits where the supply is independent of the signal part, for a max. voltage of 12 V as DMP-012-V/1-R1 and 24 V as DMP-024-V/1-R1. Types DMP-012-V/1-FR1 and DMP-024-V/1-FR1 offer the possibility of isolated signal earth from protective earth.

New SPDs for three-conductor lines - the DMHF series for a maximum voltage of 6 and 24 V are specified for industry signal lines with the need for higher information transfer speed (frequencies up to 70 MHz) and SPDs for two-conductor lines - the DMGHF series for a max. voltage of 6, 12, 24 and 230 V. The DMGHF-230-V/1-R device perfectly suits telecommunications networks, being able to manage VDSL2 line transmission without any problems.

SPDs with a replaceable module will be appreciated particularly by maintenance operators. Removing the module from the base will not interrupt the signal. For installations where work is being done on the signal line wiring with a risk of damage to the SPD or the protected equipment, you can use the DMZ-V-0 short circuit module. It can prevent damage to the equipment caused by imported voltage and can also be used by maintenance operators to make testing measurements when it is not desirable to load the connected equipment.