With the proliferation of 5G telecommunication technologies, the number of devices powered by low voltages (48V or 60 V), both AC and DC, is increasing. In many cases, these devices are installed outside the buildings in the LPZ 0 lightning protection zone, even at places with increased overvoltage risks, such as masts.

The SLP-075 V/2 surge protector is intended for the internal wiring of secondary switchboards, or for direct protection of equipment. When establishing coordination between FLP-12,5-075-VH (SPD type 1, type 2) and SLP-075 (SPD type 2), RTO decoupling reactors need to be included in the installation, or 10 m distance of cable connection must be maintained between them. If the distance is not able to be adhered to, the FLP-12,5-075 surge arrester is used again instead of the SLP-075. The above surge protectors should be installed at the interface of LPZ 0 and 1, and also in the vicinity of the equipment, or in secondary switchgear where equipotential bonding for the respective site takes place.

Both SPD types can also be used for small PV applications (one to two PV panels), in accordance with the regulations for photovoltaics, deciding whether or not to connect the panels to a lightning protection system (LPS).