Solutions for antennas and transmitters

Receiving and transmitting antenna systems are located in highly exposed places where technology must resist atmospheric effects during its service life. SALTEK® components ensure the best possible protection of your technology from lightning strikes and induced overvoltage and by doing so they increase the operating reliability of electrical appliances.

  • Protection of the 230/400V supply network
    • Transmitting and receiving systems powered from the distribution network must be protected against atmospheric effects (lightning) induced in the distribution network as well as against overvoltage that occurs in the distribution network. SALTEK® efficient protection devices reliably minimise problems with overvoltage in the distribution network.
  • Protection of antenna down-leads from overvoltage
    • Technology inputs (outputs) in antenna systems are endangered by lightning strikes in these systems or induced overvoltage to antenna down-leads. The comprehensive series of SALTEK® coaxial protective devices minimise problems with overvoltage coming from antennas, and so considerably increase the reliability and serviceability of the specific technological units.