Our VISION 2030

We are one of the TOP overvoltage experts

  • SALTEK has built its success on the expertise and we want this expertise to develop. The word “expert“ means that at the area of overvoltage and commitment we excel by our intellectual and technological know-how. 
  • We do not say what position between the TOP experts we are in today and where we want to be, because it is difficult to measure. It is more important to improve and develop this position. 
  • We believe that we can find out with our senses whether our expertise and capabilities and ability to find solutions is improving or deteriorating.
  • SALTEK – an expert with business success which makes a profit.

We are a modern technological company

  • We find solutions that move forward us and the society around us.
  • We digitize, we automate.

We attract clever and smart people

  • We develop and acquire talented people for whom we create an environment in which they enjoy working together, bring up ideas, and take responsibility.
  • The word „enjoy“ is important because it complements the characteristics of the people we want to have in the company. We spend a large part of our lives at the workplace, and we really want to spend this time in a good environment and with people we are comfortable with.

We create interesting innovations

  • Innovation improves the life. Product innovations improve the customer´s life and the customer brings us a profit.  Innovations implemented in our company improve our lives, thanks to them we may work better.
  • We are aware that it is people who create innovations.