Our VISION 2030

SALTEK is one of the TOP overvoltage experts

  • SALTEK has built its success on the expertise and we want this expertise to develop. The word “expert“ means that at the area of overvoltage and commitment we excel by our intellectual and technological know-how.
  • We do not say what position between the TOP experts we are in today and where we want to be, because it is difficult to measure. It is more important to improve and develop this position.
  • We believe that we can find out with our senses whether our expertise and capabilities and ability to find solutions is improving or deteriorating.
  • SALTEK – an expert with business success which makes a profit.

SALTEK is a modern technological company

  • We find solutions that move forward us and the society around us.
  • We digitize.
  • We automate.

SALTEK attracts clever and smart people

  • We develop and acquire talented people for whom we create an environment in which they enjoy working together, bring up ideas, and take responsibility.
  • The word „enjoy“ is important because it complements the characteristics of the people we want to have in the company. We spend a large part of our lives at the workplace, and we really want to spend this time in a good environment and with people we are comfortable with.

SALTEK creates interesting innovations

  • Innovation improves the life. Product innovations improve the customer´s life and the customer brings us a profit. Innovations implemented in our company improve our lives, thanks to them we may work better.
  • We are aware that it is people who create innovations.



Owners, employees, management – everyone delivers an important piece of work and we would not be able to proceed without the others. We treat each other professionally and with respect, regardless of the hierarchy. We are colleagues and we play as a team because we create a big project together.
We respect other colleagues as equal team members.


Good relationship between people, trust, communication and functioning cooperation are the building blocks we can rely on when creating a favourable working atmosphere. That is why we support these values, develop them, and confront situations that are in conflict with them. We are not trying to replace bad relationships, mistrust, non-communication with a system or process, because a company is not a machine.
We consciously form good relationships because a company it is primarily the group of workers and the relationship between them.


We create a safe environment for the expression of the opponent´s opinion. We give feedback and say things straight, we comment on things without being aggressive towards our partner. Within the framework of different opinions or needs, we look for ways to a solution without feeling defeated. We transparently share information within the company while maintaining discretion to the outside.
We communicate openly since it is the basis for functional cooperation.


We explain well, listen openly and give all colleagues at all levels the opportunity to influence matters, thus supporting their activity. Teams with a leader who acts as an irreplaceable person are useless to us. The task of leaders is not to know, decide and control everything, but to create an environment that will motivate the team to think about solutions and do their job well.
We involve colleagues in decision-making proces and thus support and develop the activity of all.


Where possible, we express our needs and give clear feedback directly to the colleagues concerned. We assume that they themselves can responsibly recognize their strengths and weaknesses to satisfy our wishes, and that they do not need an order from the manager. We ourselves also ask them in an responsible and sensible way. With superiors we only discuss things for which we have already tried unsuccessfully to find a solution a colleague. In such cases we prefer going to the superior by mutual agreement, because in such a case we do not have a reason for complaining but looking for a solution.
We support personal responsibility and direct communication.


If we ask, we explain well why, what and how, to give the other party the opportunity to responsibly express its opinion and conclude the deal. If we are asked, we do not promise something that we cannot deliver. Instead, we reject such requests constructively in time. If circumstances have changed and we are not able to fulfil the agreement, we are dealing with it now. The word has the same weight as on paper.
We will keep what we promise. We make promises responsibly.


We prefer a discussion about what we can do to provide for proper solution rather than why something is wrong or who is to blame. Everyone has the opportunity to suggest improvements or solutions to a problem. We welcome the efforts of other colleagues to bring us ideas, and we are aware of the fact that motivation may easily by exhausted by ignoring or contemptuously rejecting the proposals.
We are looking for solutions, not problems.


We know we don´t know everything. It is not wrong not to know something or not to know the solution. It is wrong not to admit it or to repeat the same mistakes again and again. We are constantly learning about findings in our technical sector. We are working on ourselves. We are open to new information and suggestions. We share knowledge and experience with each other. We also learn from mistakes, and for this to work, we are able to openly admit mistakes and take them as an opportunity to grow, not to humiliate ourselves or our colleagues. We are not afraid to leave a dysfunctional path in time. We do not repeat mistakes.
We are open to changes because the world is changing too, whether we want or not.


We know “why” a thing is being done and what its benefit is. We eliminate nonsense, habits, unnecessary bureaucracy, politicking, building our own monuments, because they kill motivation, the desire to change something, the will to contribute to a common project. Such behaviour produces losses.
We do things that make sense.