The DL-10G-PoE-IP66 model is a special innovation in the field of surge protection devices for Ethernet networks. It is suitable for protecting important or costly Ethernet network end devices installed in the LPZ 0 zone (outdoor cameras, sensors, microwave PtP radios, WLAN antennas, etc.). When using the DL-10G-PoE-IP66 the application is simplified to the maximum, as this new surge protector is capable of handling transmission speeds up to 10 Gbit/s, as well as any type of PoE, while its IP66-certified design allows it to be installed virtually anywhere near the protected technology. The two-stage (coarse and fine) protection concept for the ST1+2+3 location class is an adequate solution of the protection of technical equipment installed outdoors, while taking into account the different installation requirements (surface - wall, pole, lattice construction, etc.) and providing at the same time an easy connection to the network (housing which can be opened, equipped with cable bushings with RJ45 plugs).