SPDs used in isolated power supply systems (IT) are subject to high requirements on withstand capability, in particular in the event of a fault on the high voltage side. The SLP-600 V/3YS-IT meets these requirements thanks to its unique design. It is one of the few products on the market to boast this feature.

It is a type 2 SPD for three-phase IT power systems with phase-to-phase voltage of 400 to 690 V AC, which are found, for example, in mines, power plants, railways, etc. The use of type 2 SPDs as surge protectors in isolated power supply systems is sufficient, as usually there are no lightning currents arising in such systems necessitating balancing its potential across the transformer node, as is the case in TN or TT power distribution networks.

In most of the applications mentioned above, monitoring of the supply network is carried out. For this reason, only SPD version with remote status indication will be offered.

The SLP-600 V/3YS-IT product will be available for sale from 1 June 2023.