In connection with the constantly increasing requirements for data transmission volumes and speeds in Ethernet networks and the massive expansion of the transmission of power via the Ethernet lines (so-called PoE), SALTEK is standardising and completing its product portfolio with surge protection devices for this telecommunications segment.

 For indoor installations (e.g. the ST2+3 locations) we offer the universal DL-Cat.6A-60V surge protection, which can handle data transmissions of up to 10 Gbit/s, i.e. in this sense it completely replaces all previous models (DL-Cat.5e, DL-Cat.6 and DL-Cat.6A). Compared to older types, this surge protection device is designed in such a way that it is simultaneously capable of transmitting all types of PoE as well as to provide fine protection for indoor applications. Thus a cost-effective and versatile protection element is being brought to the market that can protect switches, routers and indoor installed ICT data centres in general.

Increasingly, we are encountering universal networks (based on twisted pairs) which, in addition to the "conventional" Ethernet with PoE, also have to transmit other data and signal formats for which the twisted pair as the basis for structured cabling is a suitable physical transmission layer. The main difference to the Ethernet networks is the possibility of transmitting signals with higher amplitudes (e.g. KNX, RS-485, ...) to which the standard surge protection devices designed for Ethernet would normally respond and thus cause operational disturbances. For these networks, surge protection devices with a higher switching voltage protection level have been designed, but with all transmission characteristics for high-speed data transmission retained. In addition to the DL-Cat.6A-60V already mentioned, which can also be used in structured cabling networks, there is also the two-stage DL-1G-60V-PoE SPD (placement ST1+2+3) or its faster DL-10G-60V-PoE version which can also be used in lines coming from the LPZ 0 zone (i.e. from the outside). The name of these SPDs already contains the most important features , i.e. transmission speed of 1Gbps or 10 Gbps, transmission of any signal with an amplitude of up to 60V and applicability for any type of PoE.

All of these innovations are, of course, also available in a modular version for the popular DL-PL-RACK-1U multi-channel protection systems.