DL-TLF-HF – a new version of a two-stage overvoltage protection is intended for protection of one pair of analogue and digital telecommunication line with maximum continuous operating voltage UC of up to 114 V AC and 162 V DC, rated load current of 0.06 A and the upper limit of transmission frequency of 40 MHz, which makes it suitable as a protective element not only for older analogue phone lines, but also for commonly used digital ADSL and VDSL2 lines. These new technologies provide for fast data transmission via the existing phone lines, with transmission speed of up to 100 Mbits/s.

The DL-TLF-HF SPD must always be installed as close as possible to the protected equipment, e.g. to protect a modem (which may include the telephone, HDTV, IP telephone or high speed internet) in panel buildings (LPZ 1-3). A further possible application area is in the electronic security and fi re alarm systems where the SPD may protects a telephone line for automatic sending of alarm messages connected directly to the PBX.

  • Combination of coarse and fi ne protection
  • Intended for the protection of one pair of analogue connection to a telecommunication system, incl. high speed data transmission equipment (e.g. VDSL2)
  • With the RJ11 connectors for a simple connection of the protected line
  • Full replacement for the DL-TLF SPD

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