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SALTEK have completed the upgrade of low voltage line - Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. See new Catalogue 2013

We have introduced our new construction and design of our low-voltage protections.Our flagship, the powerfull FLP-B+C MAXI V (Iimp = 25kA 10/350) combining positive features of multi-MOV with integrated spark gap. With its total 100 kA in TNS/TT is dedicated for installations as Type 1+2 on the most dangerous places (risk category I.) in industrial areas. The product has heavy duty base with pluggable modules increasing its versatility.

In addition to this high-end product there are still Type T1+T2 varistor based protections, newly in precise compact base for easier handling.

The FLP-12,5 V (Iimp =12,5 kA 10/350) - plugable 18mm combined Type 1+2 – is reaction on demand for economical B+C dedicated for risk category III. and IV. (family houses).When proper risk-calculation is made, this protection should often cover also the needs of many industrial installations. The FLP-275 V – the product Type 1+2 with lightning current withstand (8kA - 10/350) popular also in secondary distribution boards as more powerfull (60kA 8/20) substitute to the bestseller - Type 2 – the traditional SLP-275 V.

This is to inform, that SALTEK has upgraded its linear DC power source to test the protections for PV systems in compliance with the latest requirements of the standards for PV applications EN 50539-11.

For info on product range for PV see Catalogue

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