Solutions for buildings

Family houses and residential buildings, and particularly commercial buildings, feature a great number of sensitive technologies (automatic boiler rooms, satellite systems, access systems, ESS, EFS, data networks, etc.). The requirements for such technologies regarding their reliability and proper operation are very high. SALTEK® products considerably improve their reliability and safe operation.

  • Protection of supply networks for family houses, residential and commercial buildings
    • SALTEK® components ensure protection of the 230/400V supply network against lightning current and overvoltage effects, thus increasing the service life and trouble-free operation of the technology connected to the network.
  • Protection of antenna systems and technologies
    • SALTEK® components for antenna systems of the FX, HX, ZX, SX series protect satellite, television and radio technology against the effects of lightning current, by which they minimise problems of technology failures and losses resulting from damage.
  • Protection of safety and communication lines
    • SALTEK® components of the DM, DL, DP series, specified for safety and communication technology used in family houses, residential buildings and commercial buildings, considerably increase the reliability and trouble-free operation of such technologies.

Options for different projects:

  • Protection of the 230/400V supply network against overvoltage without the possibility to install an SPD in the non-measured section (before the electrometer);
  • Protection of the 230/400V supply network from overvoltage with the possibility to locate an SPD in the non-measured section (before the electrometer);
  • Protection of antenna systems from overvoltage;
  • Protection of ESS, EFS, access systems, telecommunication lines, etc., from overvoltage;
  • Protection of technological facilities in buildings (heating, air conditioning, etc.) from overvoltage

Further information you may find in our application manuals