SPD´s for 19“ racks enclosures

New flexible SALTEK RACK surge protection system for Cat. 5e to Cat. 6A Ethernet lines, including PoE versions, designed for installation in 19 racks. The system allows through one 1U profile to conduct communication lines with different transmission speeds and to protect them correctly against overvoltage by using the correct SPD modules according to the user's own configuration. So far, standard systems have not allowed this solution. The advantage is the space savings in the rack frame thanks to the possibility of using different surge protectors in one 1U profile.
An unprotected Ethernet connection is a frequent cause of induced overvoltage pulses. The problem here are long cabling distances or parallel laying with the low voltage cables. The occurrence of the overvoltage may alter or invalidate the data transmitted or damage or even destroy the IP technology devices used. For these reasons, it is necessary to protect all these communication lines. SALTEK company has been focusing on this area for a long time.
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