Protection of control systems - DPF-...DC-16

This new series of SPDs with integrated RFi filter, launched to the market under the name DPF-…DC-16, has been developed for DC power supply with extra low voltages up to 12 V, 24 V or 48 V. The SPDs are designed for current intensities up to 16 A, while requiring only a very limited installation space of 2 modules. The offer includes also variants with auxiliary NO contact for remote indication of SPD´s service life. The SPDs with RFi fi lter are best suited for the protection of control systems (PLCs), but also to protect electrical equipment operated in environments with installed frequency changers. The SPDs allow to connect the working conductors as required (interchangeable terminals), to provide for optimum connection of the SPD from the protection point of view. More information see online catalog: here